The Humble Beginings

This was my first purchase. Nothing spectacular but to a 21 year old third year college student it was something I was very proud of. My roommate and I tore out all the divider walls in the basement in order to open up the space and make it more usable.

The Adventures Grows

This was my second house. It is still my most expensive house, but also the one that has appreciated the most. I used the VA loan on this one and lived here for roughly five years. I bought it from a flipper and they did a pretty good job, though I did have to repair the duct work in the crawl space and the electrical in the garage.

Starting to get Comfortable

This is the only one of my houses I have not lived in. I bought it from a wholesaler in a cash deal. It took about $6000 to get it ready to rent, most of which was cosmetic. I refinished it original hardwood floors and they turned out beautiful.

Where Do I Go From Here?

As deals and funding becomes available I will continue to add single family residences to my portfolio.

Multi family residences of all sizes interest me. I will continue to learn and grow as I transition into the next phase of my investing career.

Moving forward this will become my biggest focus. Initially I will be raising funds to help me tackle properties in the one million dollar range. Then properties up to ten million dollars will be possible.

My end goal in all of this is to create a place that people want to be. This means developing a space that inspires and encourages fun. If you’ve been to Destin, FL or Barefoot Landing in Myrtle Beach, SC you’ll have an idea what I’m talking about. Essentially this is a collection of bars, restaurants, and shops inviting people to meander about. This place would be part marina so it would have multiple docks and slips for boats of all sizes. Some docks would be monthly rentals and others would be for transient boats. This would also be where I dock my fleet of charter sail boats. There would be a space for live music and lodging nearby. Ultimately everything is just a short walk away.